Blue bells

Ever since I started meditating a few years ago, I tried finding guided meditations to get me started. And I found plenty, thanks to kind people who offer some for free on the Internet.
At the end of the day I meditate in bed on my own and use some of the affirmations or phrases I picked up from these guided meditations. The affirmations or phrases help me focus and concentrate, to keep my mind from wandering and never stop thinking about things in daily life. One of the affirmations is: the earth supports me and meets my needs.

Indeed Mother Earth does. I picked some daffodils from our garden to cheer up the living room. The garden of the neighboring house will be covered in blue bells shortly. The house is up for sale by the cooperation that rents most of the residences in our street. Those blue bells are a treat to the bees by that time, I am sure. But I bet they do not mind me taking some. Yup, that would be stealing, but I think no one will be harmed.
And of course I will do it in a most mindful way: taking in my surroundings, feeling the ground beneath my feet, listening to the sounds of birds and bees, experiencing the texture of the grass and leafs…
I was already visiting the neighboring garden illegally two weeks ago. After some days of noise I was curious about the new kitchen the builders had been working on. The clumsy human being that I am – apart from being nosy – managed to trip over the thigh high fence on my way back.

This means I know what to expect next time: no one will be harmed, except me perhaps. I do not care about the bruises, as long as those blue bells are fine. I am thankful for Mother Earth!

Two of my current favorite guided meditations are by buddhajackson and Diane Yeo and can be found on

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