Birds, bees and mice

I used to think that babies were brought by a stork, but it seems I was wrong. In the zoo of Amersfoort (The Netherlands) a rhino is about to have a baby.
And all this time I was wondering how a stork was able to carry that baby rhino with her beak.

Mother Saar is about to give birth after being pregnant for 460 (FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY) days. With the help of three webcams in her room she can be watched. The weekend before last her behind was pink and swollen and it was exactly in the sight of visitors. They kept bending over to have a better look at her groin. Apparently they knew that the story with the stork was a myth. Or am I about to be told that Santa also doesn’t really exist?

Also, I found it remarkable how many mice were crawling around in the room of Saar. I admire these small creatures: they dare to approach the rhino as close as one or two inches. I won’t have the guts to do the same.
All things considered… I wonder how many mice have been born during these 460 days.

Click here to have a look at the webcams on the site of the zoo of Amersfoort. Just click on one of the three smaller pictures and you can follow all of Saar the rhino.

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