Beeautiful seasons

I really do love Fall. The colors of the leaves, the late season brambles, the chestnuts falling down and the smell of fire in the air at night. Or perhaps that is winter already?

The only thing about Fall I do mind is the drop in temperature. Sure, it is part of it and once I am used to it, I don’t mind in the end… It is just… that transition stage… going from a light summer dress to shirts, to long sleeves and then what? The first real cold day arrives and I feel like there is only one solution and I put on a woollen cardigan, leg warmers plus homy indoor socks (of 6 ply yarn). Then putting on the kettle and drinking loads of spicy herbal tea. Indeed it isn’t even a bit freezing outside, but that is definitely how I sense it.
The best thing about Fall happens when I am finally adjusted to the outdoor temperatures, and Fall is well on its way. That is the moment trees has lost most of their decoration. For those who are keen on having a clean, open path or street: you don’t want to meet me. Because I am keen of those piles of fallen leaves up to my ankles and I walk through them with wide strides. I hear the rustling of it and go scatter the red, orange and yellow stuff all over the place. Nope, I will never grow up. I don’t have to – the things that I enjoyed when I was a kid are still the things that are part of my day job: drawing, writing and indeed knitting.

There happened to be another Indian Summer after the first cold period during last Fall, and I was prepared. Being in the garden with my sunglasses on plus these fancy arm warmers. While enjoying a hot drink, I looked at the last birds that left before winter.
Indeed, I love winter. A wonderful season that is all about the smell of fire in the air at night and… well, that would mean that first I need to get used to this new cool period. So the whole process starts all over again. I am glad for all the woollies I can cover my tormented body with and even better: the stash of yarn to knit me some more. One can never have too many arm warmers during a cold season.

Beeautiful Armwarmers

This story has been previously published at Sonic Knits. Sonic Knits is a club with a monthly yarn subscription. Last September my design for a pair of Beeautiful Arm Warmers was part of their not your ordinary knitting kit. Indeed, there is a bee stitch hidden in the pattern. You can read my interview with Sonic Knits Interview with me at Sonic Knits.
ALSO AVAILABLE at Sonic Knits: a special Christmas-decoration-kit to knit Christmas trees with my three designs. 20% of profits will go to ME Association. That is the Christmas spirit! Be quick, there might be a few kits left…

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