A tiny bit of brain-fog

We all have our brain-fog moments, whether we are ill or not. Apart from one disturbing incident where I couldn’t recall my own phone number, my brain-fog is fairly easy to live with.

Occasionally it happens that, in the kitchen with a cup of chai tea and a bowl on the counter, I pour the rice-milk in the bowl, instead of adding it to the chai tea – ruining my fruit salad. And last week I was wondering if I had forgot to put on diarrhea, meaning: deodorant.
Apart from that, my brain-fog is mostly about names. I mix up names of things, even forget the names of veggies and of course there are the names of people. One night in bed I asked my boyfriend about the actor from Ghostbusters and Lost in Translation.
‘Don’t tell me his name, but his first name is Bill, right?’
My boyfriend told me I was right, and I urged him again not to reveal the actor’s last name.
It took me two days, then it hit me. I was lying on the sofa, meditating and trying very hard not to think about Chris Isaak. Murray, Bill Murray!

Sharing this with you has the risk that all of you out there are now thinking of me lying on the sofa for the biggest part of the day (check!), and doing nothing but daydreaming about Chris Isaak (nope, no check there). That, of course, is not true. But wouldn’t it be great to really be spending the day thinking about a guy who makes wonderful music, has a smooth voice and happens to be good looking, instead of worrying about my brain-fog and far bigger problems? Or if you prefer Bill Murray, picture yourself being part of Groundhog Day. We can live with that, can’t we?

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