A Ghostly Visitor – Buddy, The Sequel

A quick online search showed that the caterpillar Buddy might be a ghost moth. Apparently, it can take up to two years before such a moth changes into a chrysalis. Nope, no typo, no brain fog, no kidding… it could indeed be two whole years until Buddy will no longer be my bed and breakfast guest.

The good news is that it might not be a ghost moth. The bad news? It might not be a ghost moth, it could be worse. 

A Ghastly Visitor

Remember me saying that we are all creatures on this planet, not thinking that butterflies are more worthy than flies or moths in this case?
When searching Google for a small, white caterpillar with a dark head all sorts of moths were suggested and all of them were not considered worth waiting for. Being an exotic species, they might drastically – not to say dramatically – change the ecosystem. Or simply being hungry caterpillars, like the Indian-meal moth, almond moth or raisin moth who all look similarly, they are supposed to be a pest, vermin even. They can consume crops, and are known to be a threat to kitchen cabinets since they even can even chew their ways through plastic containers. This got me wondering (wondering while shivering) what I had gotten myself into.
This is a moral dilemma. Am I gonna wait for Buddy to turn into a moth, no matter how long it takes, no matter the consequences? Perhaps I am better off feeding Buddy to the birds, as to not cause any damage. Insert lost sleep here.

A New Friend Says Hi

Remember me saying that I bought two bags of peanuts with Buddy appearing in one? I opened the second bag and there was someone waiting to be greeted by me. Another caterpillar, the same sort as was already staying as a guest. So the lovely little Buddy, the one I enjoyed talking to and asking if it was comfortable, now has a buddy.
And with that I’ve got twice the size of guilt weighing on me. Wish me wisdom, I’m gonna need every last bit of it.

Lovely readers, I wish you all a happy and healthy as possible New Year, let it be a colorful one!





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