A chicken for Easter

Did you enjoy Easter? Have you gone out hunting for eggs? We are not into that sort of festivities, but last year we had a chicken about 5 meters or yards up our tree, and a man in the garden. He was not even wearing a bunny suit.
No, I am not writing this after a liquid lunch – whether or not with eggs. This is what really happened…

In the first week of 2015 a chicken appeared in the garden. This took bird watching to a whole different level. I put out breadcrumbs and watched the bird, I was fascinated by that creature that came out of nowhere. And that is where it ended up after already a few days. It was never to be seen again.
But apparently it was heard at the crack of dawn. Not often by me, I sleep wearing ear plugs. My partner told me that he saw it frequently in the next street.
And three months later at Easter it was up in the tree, like I said. It was the same animal, it had the same plumage, but it was at least twice as big. The house next door was still for sale at that time. Out of that garden came a man, another man poked at the bird with a long stick and it tumbled down. By the speed it ran through our garden, I would say the chicken was not injured in any way. The one man chased it back to the neighbor’s garden and judging by the muffled sounds, the animal was trapped.
Those men did the neighborhood a big favor, according to my partner. I guess he was speaking on behalf of the normal people, those who sleep without ear plugs.

At the beginning of this month our new neighbor was closing holes in the fence, telling me that she would get two chickens. For a second, I seriously considered paying her for not closing the fence. It would be great to see those creatures walk through our garden.
I found another solution. On mild days I sit in the garden chair next to the fence. This might seem odd, but I am not spying on my neighbor – whether or not wearing a bunny suit. She is very nice, but I just want to watch the chickens!

Recently, a new and private community started on Google+: Being matters.
A mindfulness group for the chronically ill. Forget symptoms, instead embrace your soul and inner calm. Just breathe and be… You are not alone.
Life can be hard or may look turned upside down when being ill for years. Let us help each other out by sharing thoughts and trying to find peace. We are not human doings, we are human beings.
>> Please, feel free to join or share <<

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