A bit shaken, not stirred

Perhaps I am a messy girl, or at least a clumsy one. Good thing we have a cleaning lady who relieves us of the most common chores.
Apart from not having the energy nor stamina to do it myself… You wouldn’t believe the tasks I am up to, because of all the cups of tea and coffee I am always spilling.

Last Monday I was down on all fours to clean up a cup of coffee. Amazed at there being even a drop left, I was mopping the counter, half the kitchen floor and of course almost all the bottom cupboards. There were splashes of cappuccino everywhere.
Before making myself a new one, I gulped down that last bit of the tumbled cup. It tasted so sweet, it almost hurt. The coffee was a bit shaken, but not stirred so the maple syrup was mostly in that last bit of it.
Same day, same time two weeks ago, I had an identical issue with a tea glass. Thankfully, an empty one. But the shattered glass was also a nuisance to clear. This reminds me of the fact that, not long ago, I even managed to have a collision between my tea and the television. This time I wasted not my own, but my partner his time and (less exclusive) energy. It took him half an hour to graciously fulfill the blow drying method. We left it to itself for three days and guess what? The TV still works just fine.
Usually, I don’t complain about blue Mondays as a depressing start of the week. But wasting my precious energy on these things… I might want to reconsider. For now, let me tell you – while writing this – I am enjoying another freshly brewed coffee. On a Tuesday.

You might think sharing a house with me is rather dangerous, or at least tiring… Indeed my last story was about filth as well. And my dearest pen pal mailed me about how to clean a pomegranate as she has seen on television: put it in a giant bowl of water and break it all apart under the water. ‘Voila, no red mess,’ according to her, but she added ‘Well it is TV. If there was a mess they didn’t show it.’ To be honest, I am afraid this trick won’t work for me. I probably would drop the bowl.

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