8 – Wonderful Snowwoman

Sent by: Monique ;
Location: Haarlem, Holland;
Date: December 18, 2010.

Monique wrote: ‘I asked my boyfriend to build and photograph a snowwoman in our garden according to my instructions/wishes. Why a snowwoman? Why not? I got the idea this week when I was thinking about a way to give my Blue Mark something cheerful, only there was no snow.. That was too bad but I just wished it would snow soon so I could let my ‘man’ do this little project for me. And a day, or maybe 2, later there it was: SNOW, and not just a little bit! I believe I have to apologize to everyone in Holland: all of the discomfort of yesterdays heavy snowfall is (obviously) because of me 🙂

I think she turned out nice, she makes me smile. She stands for JOY despite the illness and the countless restrictions ME entails. I’m going to enjoy her from my couch for as long as she’s keeps standing. I hope she brings a little joy to others in the world as well, to everyone that can use a smile and some blue power.’

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