Compulsive indeed – Happy Fountain Pen Day!!

Usually, my day starts with cleaning the counter in the kitchen. Don’t worry, this is not a clear case of a compulsive cleaning disorder. Having a defect immune system doesn’t mean I fill my days going through the house with a bucket of soap and water.

However, I am not amused when the all-purpose cleaner is not in its usual place. I get on my hands and knees before the cupboard, get everything out and put my head in. All the way, but it simply is not there. Liquid dish soap is used to clean the counter that morning, not a problem. But removing and getting all the bottles back in place is not my cheery idea of starting the day, according to my stamina.
My partner comes downstairs after a shower with the bottle that I have looking for frantically. He took it to clean the bathroom. ‘ Yeah, well… you wasted my freaking energy.’ Now we are both not amused. And of course he is right, who would inform his or her desperate housewife – a title that really doesn’t fit the bill in my case – about taking the all-purpose cleaner upstairs?!
Two days later I am looking for a notebook, an analog one. I love working on paper with my old-fashioned fountain pen. There are plenty of pads and copybooks around the house, but I want that particular one. The one with the A4 paper size (I have more of those), with that beautiful cover in black and white (I have only beautiful ones) and lined. So I go around the house in the same way as I was looking for that certain bottle, that means going through all the cupboards, sometimes on hands and knees, getting everything out and moving the stuff around. I am about to go to my partner to ask him about it. Probably unnecessary, because it often happens that my darling dear doesn’t know where he leaves his own stuff, while I do usually know it. As I am about to open my mouth and ask him, I get a clear picture about the notepad. I turn around and within a minute it is in my hands, mumbling ‘silly girl, you just wasted your own freaking energy.’

Happy to get on with writing things down that pop in my head, I only need to find my old-fashioned fountain pen. Perhaps that is a tiny bit compulsive.

This first Friday in November is International Fountain Pen Day! Enjoy it!

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